HRH Crown Princess Katherine


During these challenging times, when the whole world is heroically fighting the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to act preventively and preserve health. The worldwide pandemic is affecting those we love in our country and also those we love across the world. We have to unite and persevere together in that fight. 

Today, more than ever, we realize that we are all equal, regardless of race, skin colour, gender, language, religion, nationality, or any other basis. Equal and free, we should help each other, so that together we can overcome all difficulties in this unstable time. I learned from a very young age that giving is a gift. It gives you a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing while making a difference. My first equipment donation was more than 30 years ago at Tirsova hospital and since then I continue supporting our country and the vulnerable people, children, old people and all those who need help. God has given me the opportunity to help our hospitals and healthcare professionals. This is a very difficult time and we need your support. To fulfil the urgent requests we receive from hospitals, institutions, and many emergencies throughout Serbia and Republika Srpska, we need your help! The citizens of Serbia count on us, and we count on you living abroad. Your homeland needs your help desperately! 

I encourage all people, those who live in Serbia and the diaspora to help as much as possible. Serbia is facing a difficult challenge and needs urgent support now, in many areas. I pray that, as this pandemic slows down, we all could say that we live in a society that cares for one another. In the years to come, we should all be proud of how we supported Serbia during this challenging time. 

I have also appealed to the Lifeline Offices abroad of which I am patron, London, New York, Chicago, Toronto and Athens, to support this effort as I believe our diaspora can make a big difference to help people in our homeland. Please visit the Foundation website to see the needs and to understand what a difference you can make 

My focus during the last 30 years has been to dedicate my support to hospitals and health care professionals, children in Institutions without parental care, as well as the old people. That is the main goal of my Foundation and we are working hard especially during these challenging times. 

Dear friends, you all know how much it is important to take care of yourselves and your families. 

Please, stay safe and healthy. Yours sincerely, 

HRH Crown Princess Katherine 

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